The Process

  1. Select a solid object to decorate that is submersible in water.
  2. Choose a pattern from our Patterns Gallery that fits your needs.
  3. Contact us with your order or any questions you may have.
  4. We will take your order, answer any questions, and finalize all details.
  5. Ship the item to be decorated to us (see address and phone numbers listed under Contact Us). We recommend insuring the item for the replacement cost. We will carefully inspect your item upon arrival and you will be contacted if it incurred any damages during shipping.
  6. We will then apply the complete Liquid Plate Transformation Graphics process starting with a base coat application. Next the actual Pattern will be applied by dipping the item into our specially designed computerized tank. The item will then be rinsed, dried and an automotive quality clear coat will be applied in the finish you choose. This process will assure you a beautiful, durable, finished item.
  7. The item will then be packaged and returned to you.

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